Synthetic Nicotine



Complete the registration and application for TPMF (Tobacco Product Master File) certification of FDA, STN: MF0001015

ZONEU Synthetic Nicotine is total synthesis with outstanding organoleptic properties and unrivalled batch to batch consistency.

ZONEU Synthetic VS. Others

As (R)-Nicotine is less potent of bioavailable and bioactive than (S)-Nicotine in Primate(eg. human), ZY BIOTECH ZONEU employs advanced technologies to convert (R)-Nicotine to (S)-Nicotine without material lost and achieve the purest synthetic nicotine available.

ZONEU Synthetic VS. Others

Radiocarbon Analysis
The Radiocarbon method is used to distinguish synthetic nicotine from tobacco-derived nicotine.


Chiral Chromatography

Chiral Chromatography refers to the separation of optical isomers, or enantiomers,allowing quantitation of the relative (or absolute) amounts of (S) and (R)-Nicotine.


Synthesis Route


Total Synthesis Declaration

ZONEU Nicotine was total synthesis, we would ensure all carbon were original from petrochemical industry.Nicotine was synthesized from ethyl nicotinate, not tobacco extraction. Moreover, both ethyl nicotinate and 1-vinylpyrrolidin-2-one were obtained by total synthesis. No materials was originated from plants or animal by-products. However, the data of Beta Lab. Indicated that our nicotine contain 30% biobased carbon .It’s founded that alcohol was used in the process of nicotinic acid synthesis. Alcohol was manufacture by fermentation in term of cost, so it means our product is 100% Synthetic Nicotine.

Data of Beta Lab.

Data of Beta Lab.

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